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3Q 2011 

What is the National Security Alliance?

The National Security Alliance was founded in 2008 by six like-minded regional contract security companies, strategically located throughout the continental United States. The original intent of the NSA was to promote and exchange industry best practices and develop the ability for our members to strategically bid on regional and/or national accounts by virtue of this network. Since its inception, the NSA has grown to sixteen companies and expanded its membership base to Hawaii and Canada, making it a truly North American alliance. Each member company is a LOCALLY owned and operated entity, many with several branch offices in their particular geographical area. Each member company operates in a designated territory.

To be considered for membership there is a detailed vetting process. Our Membership Committee requires that requesting companies must meet certain minimum criteria such as length of time in business, size, revenue of employees, licensing, insurance and criminal and civil record checks to name a few. Membership is also limited to companies that operate where no current member provides services. Finally, there must be unanimous approval by all existing member companies which ensures the quality of each new member company.

Educated end users have discovered the distinct advantage of working with locally owned regional security companies. NSA members feel that they have much more of a commitment to client satisfaction than those of the mega companies. Unlike the world's largest companies where the service level heavily depends on the skill level and commitment of the local branch manager, NSA companies are driven and overseen by the owners. Since its inception, the NSA has offered a variety of training sessions, owners meetings, and the companies have referred a great deal of business to each other while making it seamless for their clients.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter and the NSA always welcomes your comments and suggestions. To learn more about the National Security Alliance and its member owners, please visit our web site at

Best Regards,
Gary H. Kuty – NSA Managing Director
Johnny Atkinson – NSA Executive Committee Chairman

American Security Programs Recognized by U.S. Department of Homeland Security

American Security Programs, Inc. (ASP) was recently recognized and commended for assisting with the prevention of a potential critical situation.

Federal Protective Service Director L. Eric Patterson is quoted, "On July 29, 2011, you promptly provided approximately 16 Protective Security Officers at the General Services Administration building. Your rapid and positive response went a long way to ensuring the safety of many citizens, visitors, and Federal workers we are jointly tasked to protect. This excellent teamwork is a hallmark of our security partnership and is a credit to your firm."

U.S. Department of Homeland Security recognizes that, "All of our supporting security contractors play an integral role in the mission of delivering effective security and protective services. As the law enforcement and security element of the National Protection and Programs Directorate (NPPD) we know the hard work it takes to answer the call to cover contingency or unexpected requirements for suitably qualified officers. We are particularly gratified by your efforts on our behalf."

ASP is proud to be recognized and acknowledges the work ethics of its Protective Security Officers.

Department of Labor Exemption of Law Firms Reporting Details of Work Related to Preventing Employee Unionizationat Risk

For more than 50 years, the Department of Labor has exempted law firms from reporting details of work related to preventing employee unionization.  Now, the department is threatening to yank that exemption away, exposing lawyers to the same stringent rules that apply to consultants who engage in so-called persuader activities.

The proposed changes strike at the very core of attorney-client relationships, lawyers representing employers say.  Attorneys would be required to report client names, the fees they charged, and the scope and nature of their work.  The information would be made available to the public online.  Failure to report could lead to administrative sanctions and potential criminal penalties.

I.D. THEFT Documents in Circulation

This is a new silent form of deception. It involves a check being made out to "you" or a "company" you are a registered recipient and or familiar with, in the guise that there has been a mortgage or other settlement payment.

It is now being made and your dividends are enclosed in the attached check. The bank has verified 4.18.11 that this is NOT a valid account the check has been drawn upon.

In some such cases; checks can be returned to the sender after ones bank own bank account stamp has been placed on the reverse and the check kicked back.

In other cases the 800 and 866 lines listed on the communication can in fact be
toll lines, thus then showing up in additional costs to your phone bill later on. The ways that your I.D. can be stolen or your safety jeopardized are increasing. Always contact a local branch and or trusted source before acting on such unsolicited media by mail, phone or email.

There are key-cue's when one looks closely: the check has no copy protection AND no obverse water mark, as stated in print, yet it is easy to fool many which might lead into revealing a correct name and your valid bank account number if you deposit the check thus allowing a potential for grave wrong doings.

The envelope shows that it has been personally handwritten and mailed locally which would indicate unfortunately that some other poor folks are being also taken in on a money making "envelope stuffing" scheme, as well.

Thanks so much for your help and assistance in this recent I.D. Theft/fraud development hitting our local streets today. Please share this with each of your contacts.

Jeff Kirby, Chairs the local Seattle Chapter of the FBICAAA I.D. Theft Committee. Presentations are held at various times and locations throughout the year. They're all are at no charge and conducted by a commissioned FBI Special Agent, or this committee. Attendance or further study at or is recommended. For questions you may reply via email or contact your local offices of Puget Sound Security 425-454-5011.


Hurricane Irene

RSIG has recently added several national retailers to its Emergency Dispatch Center Program. Many of which relied upon the 24/7 security services during hurricane Irene. The Emergency Dispatch Program provides national coverage for retailers who need security services due to alarm malfunctioning's, power outages, break in's as well as planned remodels and new store construction. This program is part of the Retail Loss Prevention Services that RSIG provides and includes ORC Investigations, Compliance Auditing, Under Cover Operatives as well as Loss Prevention Training and Awareness Programs.


Member Companies

A & R Security Services
2552 W. 135th Street
Blue Island, IL, 60406
(708) 389-3830

Advantage Security, Inc.
13693 East Iliff Avenue, Suite 200
Aurora, CO 80014-1367
(303) 755-4407

American Security Programs
22900 Shaw Road
Dulles, VA 20166
(703) 834-8900

Anderson Security Agency, LTD
2555 W. Morningside Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85023
(602) 331-7000

ASAP Secured, Inc.
8160 Parkhill Drive
Milton, ON, L9T 5V7
(905) 875-3764

Executive Security Systems
5555 N. Lamar Blvd. Suite K-106
Austin, Texas 78751
(512) 458-2258

First Coast Security Services
One Independent Drive, Suite 117
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 598-1993

Hannon Security Services
9036 Grand Ave. S.
Bloomington, MN 55420-3634
(800) 328-3877

Integratas Security Corporation
65 Broadway
New York, NY 10006
(877) 446-4TAS

King Security
1458 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 556-5464

Per Mar Security Services
1910 E Kimberly Road
Davenport, Iowa 52807
(800) 473-7627

Phoenix Security Hawaii
P.O. Box 61867
Honolulu, HI 96839
(808) 988-7077

Puget Sound Security
13417 NE 20th St., Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 454-5011

RSIG Security - MA
1290 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 881-3023

RSIG Security - MI
24209 Northwestern Highway, Suite 200
Southfield, Michigan 48075
(248) 357-9064

Vinson Guard Service
955 Howard Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70113
(800) 228-3801


Long-time Hannon Employee, Skip Maruska, Retires Hannon Security Operations Manager and Assistant General Manager, Skip Maruska, retired on August 15, 2011.

Skip began his career with Hannon on September 3, 1991, as the Manager of the Patrol Department.  Skip was promoted from Manager of the Patrol Department to Operations Manager, and later, also assumed the Assistant General Manager position.  During his time at Hannon, Skip was instrumental in securing a contract for security with the Vikings, and can be credited for the DETEX program and what it has evolved to today. Skip came to Hannon after retiring from the St. Paul Police Department as a Police Officer. He said he responded to a help wanted ad in a newspaper he found on an airplane in flight to Minneapolis from Boston.  

During his time at Hannon, Skip was instrumental in securing a contract for security with the Vikings, and can be credited for the DETEX program and what it has evolved to today. Hannon Vice President, Nicholas Luciano said, "Skip has been a great asset to the company.  He has always been there to help out and do what it takes.  I've never doubted his loyalty or integrity."

We wish him all the best in his retirement.

New Contracts

Universal Pictures has selected RSIG Security to provide security services for the production of RIPD which is being filmed in Massachusetts. This film is the largest budget production (200 million) that the state has ever seen. RSIG Security was chosen over several local and national security providers based on an extensive history of providing security for past films throughout the Northeast. This will be the 13th film contract that has been awarded to RSIG Security over the last four years. RSIG will provide set and soundstage security, production office and equipment protection along with executive protection for primary actors.

RIPD is scheduled to be released in June of 2013.