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2Q 2011 

What is the National Security Alliance?

Welcome to the first edition of the e-news for the National Security Alliance. The National Security Alliance was founded in 2008 by six like-minded regional contract security companies, strategically located throughout the continental United States. The original intent of the NSA was to promote and exchange industry best practices and develop the ability for our members to strategically bid on regional and/or national accounts by virtue of this network. Since its inception, the NSA has grown to sixteen companies and expanded its membership base to Hawaii and Canada, making it a truly North American alliance. Each member company is a LOCALLY owned and operated entity, many with several branch offices in their particular geographical area. Each member company operates in a designated territory.

To be considered for membership there is a detailed vetting process. Our Membership Committee requires that requesting companies must meet certain minimum criteria such as length of time in business, size, revenue of employees, licensing, insurance and criminal and civil record checks to name a few. Membership is also limited to companies that operate where no current member provides services. Finally, there must be unanimous approval by all existing member companies which ensures the quality of each new member company.

Educated end users have discovered the distinct advantage of working with locally owned regional security companies. NSA members feel that they have much more of a commitment to client satisfaction than those of the mega companies. Unlike the world's largest companies where the service level heavily depends on the skill level and commitment of the local branch manager, NSA companies are driven and overseen by the owners. Since its inception, the NSA has offered a variety of training sessions, owners meetings, and the companies have referred a great deal of business to each other while making it seamless for their clients.

We hope you enjoy this newsletter and the NSA always welcomes your comments and suggestions. To learn more about the National Security Alliance and its member owners, please visit our web site at

Best Regards,
Gary H. Kuty – NSA Managing Director
Johnny Atkinson – NSA Executive Committee Chairman

NSA Member Receives Highest Honors from IFPO

NSA Company, Hannon Security Services received an Award of Excellence from the International Foundation of Protection Officers, (IFPO) for their commitment to the Certified Protection Officer Training Program (CPO). Currently, over 77% of Hannon's workforce is made up of CPO's. That's the highest percentage among contract security companies in the nation.

"Hannon is applauded for their commitment of security officer training and integrity. They are, by far, the industry leader in terms of PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT among security companies across the nation" said Sandi Davies, Executive Director of the International Foundation of Protection Officers.

The CPO program offers cutting edge training that is personalized and up-to-date. Hannon officers must attend a pre-assignment training course, which is based on the CPO curriculum from the IFPO. To acquire the designation of CPO, an officer must study an additional 32-40 hours and successfully pass a 328-question test. We recognize the passing of this prestigious course by giving our CPO officers a custom made badge to proudly display on their uniform. Our pay scale also reflects higher wages for employees who earn their certification.

The average tenure for a Hannon CPO officer is 5.4 years, vs. 2.8 years for a security officer.

Outstanding Security Performance Recognized

American Security Programs has received recognition from the Federal Maritime Commission for outstanding security performance at the agency's headquarters over the course of the past seven years. A special acknowledgement event was hosted by the agency on Friday, June 10, 2011.

The event included an award conferral, followed by an official dedication and opening of a new locker space that will be used by the members of the security team. Attendees included the Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission, the CEO of American Security Programs, the Federal Maritime Commission's Director of Facilities, various Department of Homeland Security representatives, and members of the security team who regularly work at the site.

Chairman Richard Lidinsky opened the ceremonies by presenting a certificate of merit to American Security Programs' CEO, Lynn Oliver, who accepted on behalf of his company. The award saluted American Security Programs' officers for their ongoing loyalty, dedication, and splendid service while guarding the premises of 800 North Capital Street in Washington, D.C., as well as the neighboring federal agencies.

Mr. Oliver commented, "The entire security team at 800 North Capital has done an incredible job. The officers at the site are wonderful ambassadors of our company, and we are very proud of their ongoing achievements. This is the same type of outstanding service and performance that has earned American Security Programs its excellent reputation among numerous federal agencies."

Following receipt of the award, Chairman Lidinsky stepped forward to cut the ribbon on the new locker area. He was joined by Oliver, and both men held scissors over the ribbon as they paused to express their sincere gratitude to all of the officers who were present.

The locker area was intended to be a mutual gift to the officers at the site. The gesture was initiated by the Federal Maritime Commission and wholeheartedly supported by American Security Programs.

American Security Programs has been working with the Federal Maritime Commission since 2003. The contract represents one of the company's most enduring and successful partnerships.

NSA Member Company Profile

ASAP Secured Inc., located in the Greater Toronto Area, is a security services organization providing high calibre security personnel, consulting and related industry solutions to customers in Ontario and Quebec. ASAP is licensed across Canada and presently employs approximately 300 security officers in the major markets of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

The Security Personnel Division provides its security services to a number of industries, including: manufacturing, retail, property management, mining, logistics and construction. A dedicated account management, operations and administration team capably handles the day-to-day matters and requirements for our customers. Significant business growth has been achieved in 2011 and much more is anticipated in the coming months within the current markets and also new regions in Canada.

The Insurance Services Division is the original operating division of the company. ASAP works very closely with insurers, adjusting companies, restoration firms to provide a rapid-response security solution to the industry when a property or facility has been damaged or destroyed by a calamity. Fires, floods, explosions, building collapses of varying size and scope are the standard job site that ASAP protects to ensure continuity of evidence for these customers. A roster of security officers is maintained across Ontario and ASAP consistently deploys personnel to sites within 60 minutes.

The company's proven ability to deploy security personnel on short notice also benefits customers within the contract security market. All security personnel that are hired must have prior experience and be licensed through the relevant governing body in each province. Once employed ASAP provides a significant and ongoing training and development program, the ASAP Academy, and places great emphasis on training and orientation at client locations.

ASAP also operates and provides its customers with a Mobile Command Center, which allows adjusters and other insurance industry professionals to offer immediate assistance to their customers in the midst of a crisis or disaster. Equipped with an internet-ready computer, printer and scanner, it provides industry personnel – insurers, adjusters, engineers – with an on-site climate and temperature controlled office and meeting environment.

ASAP is a proud to be the Canadian partner in the National Security Alliance, enabling the seamless expansion of security coverage throughout North America.

Puget Sound Security Patrol Owner Says He Shouldn't Need Lawyer in Court

When the owner of Puget Sound Security Patrol Inc. fought an unemployment benefit claim in King County Superior Court in April, he left with a surprising result.

Instead of ruling, Judge Susan J. Craighead dismissed the case. Her reason: The owner didn't have a lawyer.

Despite 20 years of successfully fighting unemployment claims in court "pro se," or "for oneself," owner Jeff Kirby found that his cost cutting measure was interpreted as out of legal bounds.

The unusual case spotlights the issue of whether solely owned corporations can mount their own legal cases to save costs. It turns out that while state law says they cannot, the application has been uneven.

According to Judge Craighead and the state Attorney General's office, a corporation owner is barred from representing his or her own company in court. That's because the law considers corporations "artificial persons," and says they must be represented by a licensed attorney or by "themselves." Since corporations are papers, not actual humans, the latter option isn't really viable.

Read the full story as it was published in the Puget Sound Business Journal

A Window of Opportunity for Family Business Owners

As a small business owner, you may have high hopes that your kids and grand kids will keep your company going well into the future. Along with those hopes may come worries that a substantial estate-tax burden could make it difficult, if not impossible, for the next generation to continue your business.

Tax-free Lifetime Gifts
Now there's a window of opportunity for business owners - and others who want to pass significant wealth to their families - to do some serious estate planning. The $5 million gift- and estate-tax exemption that's currently in place (courtesy of the 2010 Tax Relief Act) makes it possible for individuals to give away as much as $5 million worth of assets during their lifetimes and pay no federal gift tax on their transfers.

Estate-tax Benefit
A properly completed lifetime gift not only removes the current value of a gifted asset - from the donor's estate, it also shields future , appreciation from taxes. So, for example, a business owner who hasn't made taxable gifts in the past could give stock worth $5 million to his children and owe no gift tax on the transfers because of his $5 million exemption. If the business does well and the children's stock is worth $8 million when the owner dies, none of the $8 million value (including the $3 million in appreciation) would be subject to estate tax. The tax savings would be substantial.

Limited Time Only
Unfortunately, the planning window available under the current tax law is short-lived. Starting in 2013, the $5 million exemption will drop back to $1 million, unless lawmakers act to make it more generous. In addition, the top gift- and estate-tax rate will jump considerably - from 35% currently to 55% in 2013.

Since the tax breaks provided under the 2010 Tax Relief Act might not be renewed, business owners who are interested in exploring lifetime gifts and other tax planning opportunities presented by the new law should begin the planning process as soon as possible.

Source: Tax Report, March 2011- published by Wegmann Dazet & Co.

Member Companies

A & R Security Services
2552 W. 135th Street
Blue Island, IL, 60406
(708) 389-3830

Advantage Security, Inc.
13693 East Iliff Avenue, Suite 200
Aurora, CO 80014-1367
(303) 755-4407

American Security Programs
22900 Shaw Road
Dulles, VA 20166
(703) 834-8900

Anderson Security Agency, LTD
2555 W. Morningside Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85023
(602) 331-7000

ASAP Secured, Inc.
8160 Parkhill Drive
Milton, ON, L9T 5V7
(905) 875-3764

Executive Security Systems
5555 N. Lamar Blvd. Suite K-106
Austin, Texas 78751
(512) 458-2258

First Coast Security Services
One Independent Drive, Suite 117
Jacksonville, FL 32202
(904) 598-1993

Hannon Security Services
9036 Grand Ave. S.
Bloomington, MN 55420-3634
(800) 328-3877

Integratas Security Corporation
65 Broadway
New York, NY 10006
(877) 446-4TAS

King Security
1458 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 556-5464

Per Mar Security Services
1910 E Kimberly Road
Davenport, Iowa 52807
(800) 473-7627

Phoenix Security Hawaii
P.O. Box 61867
Honolulu, HI 96839
(808) 988-7077

Puget Sound Security
13417 NE 20th St., Suite 200
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 454-5011

RSIG Security - MA
1290 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 881-3023

RSIG Security - MI
24209 Northwestern Highway, Suite 200
Southfield, Michigan 48075
(248) 357-9064

Vinson Guard Service
955 Howard Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70113
(800) 228-3801


There are a number of new things happening at Advantage Security! One of the most noteworthy is our expansion into New Mexico. In addition to our consistent growth in stationary and patrol service throughout Colorado, we have recently opened operations in both the Santa Fe and Albuquerque markets. We are actively working to expand our presence in the Land of Enchantment.

We are also excited about the recent addition of our Integrated Technology Division. This division of ASI allows us to offer camera and access control system upgrades, installation, and maintenance, remote recording, as well as live monitoring of camera and access control systems.

Per Mar Security Services is pleased to announce that effective May 27, 2011, we have acquired Employer's Security of Elkhart, Indiana. The company, which had been in business since 1956, was owned and operated by Nathan Soward and Gayle Davis. Employer's Security offered full electronic security and guard services including burglar and fire alarm systems, access control, CCTV installations, security officer, mobile patrol, and alarm response. Per Mar will continue to offer these services and the operation will move into our existing Mishawaka office, which will ensure that exceptional service continues to be provided to Employer's Security's former customer base. Per Mar is now the dominant provider of security services in the South Bend, Mishawaka, and Elkhart corridor; an additional 150 employees and 500 alarm customers have become a part of the Per Mar family, servicing a total of over 3,000 customers in this area.

Peter Yu announces his retirement after 12 years at King Security. Security industry veteran Scott Campf has been appointed President.

New Contracts

RSIG Security has been awarded the security contract for the Mitt Romney Presidential Campaign Headquarters which is located in Boston's historic North End. This is a repeat assignment for RSIG Security as we were chosen for his first presidential run in 2008. Based upon our past performance they chose to utilize our services for not only the quality of security officers we provide but also for our knowledge and expertise regarding the physical security needs for the headquarters.

RSIG Security has also been awarded several National Retail security contracts for emergency guard dispatch throughout the US and Canada. This program allows retailers a single point of contact that is available 24/7 to dispatch and have qualified security officers at any retail location in an average of 2-3 hours. The program is utilized for break-ins' alarm response, construction and remodel projects that our retail clients experience on a daily bases. The information that is captured with every call allows RSIG Security to provide analytics back to our retail clients so that they can see where they are spending the security dollars, the reasons why, and how they can reduce their overall cost by focusing on the problem locations.

United Security, LLC, a division of A&R Security Services of Blue Island, IL was recently awarded the security services contract for FirstEnergy, a large utility headquartered in Akron, Ohio. The initial contract was awarded in the first quarter of 2009 to United. At that time, over 4,500 hours of weekly service was provided. In 2010 FirstEnergy announced the acquisition of Allegheny Energy, a utility with service in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Due to the acquisition, the entire security contract was re-bid. United was again selected to be the sole source provider for the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. United was selected based upon their competitive pricing, training program and excellent overall service. This contract is for three years.

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